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Stylist was launching a new fitness concept that would be launched in conjunction with a fitness studio pop-up at the Allbright Mayfair. Along with it's own branded content on, it needed a website to direct people to subscribe to the new newsletter and easily adaptable to add a scheduling embed.

Screenshot 2019-05-31 at 17.16.47

The Approach

The original plan was to tie sign-ups for classes and content in with our own database management system, called Telemetry. I worked out the user journey for sign-up including user entry points and worked with developers to instruct the third party how and where best to loop in Telemetry during the sign-up process. We ended up being time poor on this project so unfortunately we could not go this route in the end, so the final design reflects this adaptation.  

strong wireframe composition


The brand for this project was being developed in parallel  due to the time constraints so we had to go through a few iterations of the visual design. You can view the live result here.


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