Wedding Hero was designed to help people plan weddings that aren't boring and kept within their budget. It takes the complexity and stress of planning your wedding and turn it into a less overwhelming task by breaking tasks into manageable chunks of information.


The Goal

It’s notoriously difficult to find just the right photographers and florists to match your wedding vision. The modern version of a bridal magazine is a digital inspiration board with a Pinterest-esque feel, leading you from one swooning moment to the other. Customise your inspiration board yourself, or ask WeddingHero for suggestions. When you find something you like but aren’t sure about, ask your guest planners for a second opinion.

If you’ve found something you love you can message suppliers directly through the platform. Suppliers get their own little corner of the internet where they can showcase and list all information buyers might find useful.


Like any successful matchmaker, Wedding Hero matches brides-and-grooms-to-be with suppliers of weddings products and services they want and need. If you are planning a wedding you will be taken through the whole process, from visual inspiration and to-do lists to budget planning and execution. WeddingHero accompanies you each step of the way with personalised inspiration boards, suggestions how to prioritise tasks and gently reminds you which deadlines are important.


Process & Design

At top level, there were mainly two users considered when planning out the user journey. The first are our primary users; what we called the 'customers'. These are our two planners we spoke about earlier (WeddingHero planner and SuperHero planner). The other user is the 'supplier'. Suppliers are providers of wedding services looking to connect with 'customers'.

The 'customer' user experience is designed around being able to scale how much time they want to be using the app. The most unique and valuable features of the app are the planning guides - tasks are pre-populated for the planner in the order of completion by time. Budget is automatically distributed amongst categories or one could start with nothing at all! We wanted these to be the main components the journey was designed around, along with having a ‘dashboard’ to see everything at a glance. We could call the dashboard a 'Wedding Bulletin Board' and keep all little important pockets of information together - colour palettes, wedding party, most pressing tasks and latest favourited images.


Wedding Hero connects planners with suppliers and creates a system in which they can interact. We decided to have inspiration and supplier overlap. Suppliers can upload their professional images to their profile gallery which filter straight into the planner’s inspiration feed to be tagged and saved onto their mood board. These images link straight back to the supplier profile so the customer can contact them effortlessly with enquiries.


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