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I proposed the new Stylist email product off a working prototype my team mate built which took the monotony out of building emails. At the time, all our emails were being built by hand, every single time we sent new email out. This could be more efficient if we could pull content from the CMS saving precious time for editors and dedicating a developer to email maintenance.  

stylist-prefcentre-userjourney-01 – NEW USER
stylist-prefcentre-userjourney-01 – EXISTING USER – FROM EMAIL

The Approach

I determined all the touchpoints our users have and could potentially have with our email products. How could we engage with our loyal readers more? What would make our email products more recognisable while still being easy to manage? I concepted a plan where we would fold our email brands under one umbrella with a holistic and recognisable design. Another selling point was adding a preference centre to manage one's subscriptions and explore other verticals in one place.

wireframe composition-03

Process & Design

I broke all the layouts we use in our email editorials and broke them into reusable components we could build in the CMS. I worked these into wireframes that would ensure consistent layers across each email created and how these variations would work together. The colour palette and logo were designed by our creative director and I worked on the visual design of the headers, footers and the component variables. I set rules for spacing for foolproof consistency for anyone building the email. 

Letters Visual Design Examples 02

We'd need to direct readers to our new offering, so I concepted in-article CTAs to appear across and our generic sign-page (which also serves are a preference management center). 

Letters Visual Design – ads and mac mockup on article
macbook-pref-centre (1)

View the preference centre here

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