The Stylist Group




The original corporate site for The Stylist Group had been built almost a decade ago and didn’t reflect the current brand identity. The goal was for a refreshing, modern redesign which embodied the spirit of the people working at The Stylist Group. 

Note: when I started this project, the company was still called Shortlist Media. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 9.16.21 PM

The Approach

I consulted with the marketing team to more fully understand how The Stylist Group wanted to be presented in the public eye.  I also worked with the creative director on the brand guidelines for consistency throughout our corporate identity before organising my findings into a site skeleton and some wireframes. 

shortlist media site map 003

Process & Design

After iterating through wireframes and sketching out some ideas I developed the visual design for the site. It would be built on the same technology stack as using React components so I worked with the developers to break the design into reusable modules and generated a digital style guide. We collaborated on how to add movement to the design, to support the layered effect I was going for.


Final Notes

As the site design was originally for Shortlist Media and shortly after was converted to The Stylist Group, some areas overlap in styling and we had to remove areas of the site which weren't needed anymore so it would be ideal to address these changes in the design. For now you can view the live site as it is here

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